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Several events happen in life that change the direction and point of view of the person. Especially some events develop the feelings of love and bring strange people close to each other. Such occasional events are of great significance in the life of such a person. And writers have written a lot on such topics. The topic of love and romance attracts the youth very much. Do you have an interest in reading books on this genre? If yes, then we recommend you download Winter Solstice PDF written by Rosamunde Pilcher. We can bet that it will be hard for you to take your eyes off from the book until you read the last word of the book.

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The author Rosamunde Pilcher describes a woman seeking an independent lifestyle and a companion as well who does not bound her. She is living in a cottage in a village in Hampshire. She has neighbors who are a happy family.

But the saddest turn in the story comes when the wife of the neighbor and children face a terrible car crash, and they died in it. Now it is a challenging condition for the husband. But it is the beginning of a new love story. The protagonist character and the neighbor start living together, which develops friendship in them, and later on, it converts into a deep love for each other. Then they spend Christmas together on a cold night. We are leaving you here without giving you any more spoilers. It will be unfair to describe the whole story here.

Author Rosamunde Pilcher

Rosamunde Pilcher was a British writer and a novelist. She was famous for her short stories and romantic fictional novels. Around 60 million copies of her work have been sold all over the world. She used the pen name of Jane Fraser.

Winter Solstice Features

  1. The book has a rating of 4.17 stars out of 5.
  2. There are 698 black and white pages of the book.
  3. It got published for the first time in 2011.
  4. The PDF version of the book has easy to read font size.

Download Winter Solstice PDF

Download Winter Solstice PDF Free

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