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Three Men in a Boat chronicles Jerome’s river excursion with two real-life pals and a wholly imaginary dog. Jerome frequently travelled by boat with his pals George and Carl, whom he listed in his travel guide. It was created in response to the late nineteenth-century mania for sailing as a recreational pastime in England. A few years later, commercial boat activity on the Thames began to dwindle.

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The book was originally intended to function as a serious travel guide, complete with details of the local history of the destinations visited. However, the hilarious sections of the book overshadowed the serious passages, earning it a reputation as a comedy novel. The book received widespread admiration from readers and was thus a best-seller.

Three Men on a Boat is a dramatized comedic trip tale of Jerome K. Jerome’s two-week boating vacation on the River Thames. It debuted in 1889. Three Men on the Bummel, sometimes known as Three Men on Wheels, was released as a sequel in 1900.

Author Jerome K. Jerome

Klapka, Jerome Jerome, also known by the pen name Jerome K. Jerome, was a British humorist and author. He authored numerous novels and essays. The most notable of these is Three Men on a Boat.

Three Men in a Boat Features

  1. A vivid and informative account of boating, as well as a history of the Thames river area.
  2. Jerome K. Jerome’s seminal work is Three Men on a Boat.
  3. Additionally, it is one of the great classic comedic novels that is timeless.

Download Three Men in a Boat PDF

Download Three Men in a Boat PDF Free

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