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H.G. Wells published The Time Machine in 1895. This novel popularized the concept of a time machine, which is similar to a vehicle that allows a person to travel backward or forward in time. Wells’s phrase “time machine” is now the most generally used worldwide for such a vehicle or equipment.

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The protagonist is a gentleman scientist and inventor from Victorian England who resides in Richmond, Surrey. The narrator refers to him simply as the Time Traveler. The narrator narrates the Traveler’s lecture to his weekly dinner guests, in which he shows a tabletop gadget for time travel. He announces that he has built a gadget capable of transporting someone through time and returns the next week for supper to relate a spectacular story, taking on the role of the new narrator. The narrator recounts his search for Time Travel in the new narrative.

H.G. Wells described his concept of time travel during his college years in a short story titled “The Chronic Argonauts,” which was published in his campus newspaper and served as the inspiration for The Time Machine. The Time Machine’s narrative reflects Wells’ socialist ideas. His outlook on life and his aversion to industrial connections. Numerous adaptations of the work have been made into films, television series, and comic comics.

Author H. G. Wells

Herbert George Wells, pen name H.G. Wells, was an English author who wrote prolifically. He published works in a variety of genres, including fiction, history, politics, social commentary, textbooks, and wargame rules. However, Wells is best renowned for his contributions to science fiction, for which he is dubbed the “Father of Science Fiction.”

The Time Machine Features

  1. It also mirrors H.G. Wells’s worldview.
  2. The novel that gave birth to the Time Machine and time travel concepts.
  3. Additionally, it is one of the greatest works of classical literature.

Download The Time Machine PDF

Download The Time Machine PDF Free

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