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Another of Thomas Hardy’s novels set in his imaginary realm of Wessex is The Mayor of Casterbridge. In 1886, Hardy released the novel. The novel is about a young man who sells his daughter and wife while inebriated. However, he eventually sees his error and suffers with the remorse till he locates them. The novel is widely acclaimed by ordinary readers worldwide.

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Thomas Hardy wrote The Mayor of Casterbridge in 1886. It is set in Hardy’s fictional town of Casterbridge, which is located in the Wessex county. Thomas Hardy began writing the novel in 1884 and completed it in 1885, stating that the events occurred “before the nineteenth century had reached one-third of its length.”

The narrative follows a young man named Michael Henchard as he becomes inebriated during a county fair in Casterbridge, Wessex, and quarrels with his wife, Susan. He resolves to sell his wife and daughter, Elizabeth-Jane, to a sailor in an outburst of rage. When he is sober, he realizes his error, but it is too late. As a result, he resolves to abstain from liquor for the next 21 years. Thus the story continues. Numerous adaptations of the work have been made into films and stage productions.

Author Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy was an English novelist and poet during the Victorian era. He was influenced by George Elliot, William Wordsworth, and Charles Dickens and consequently condemned the Victorian era, focusing mostly on rural society’s collapse.

The Mayor of Casterbridge Features

  1. It is set in the early nineteenth century and has an intriguing story.
  2. Among Thomas Hardy’s most widely read works worldwide.
  3. Thomas Hardy’s story likewise takes place in the mythical county of Wessex.

Download The Mayor of Casterbridge PDF

Download The Mayor of Casterbridge PDF Free

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