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Originally titled Manifesto of the Communist Party, The Communist Manifesto was written in 1848 by German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It is a political booklet commissioned by the Communist League and published for the first time in London.

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The Communist Manifesto was thereafter considered as one of the world’s most important political works. Rather than anticipating communism’s probable future forms, it concentrates on demonstrating an analytical approach to class conflict and concerns concerning Capitalism and Capitalist mode of production.

The Communist Manifesto presents Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ beliefs regarding the nature of politics and society, stating that “all previously existing society is the history of class battles.” It also quickly summarizes their views on how capitalism will finally be supplanted by socialism.

Authors Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were two German philosophers who laid the groundwork for Marxism. Additionally, they collaborated on their most significant work, The Communist Manifesto. They collaborated on “Capital: A Critique of Political Economy” and a number of other books.

The Communist Manifesto Features

  1. It is considered to be one of the most significant political works of all time.
  2. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ political treatise that displays the German Philosophers’ beliefs of communism.
  3. It is both the Communist Party’s Manifesto and a study on the history of class struggle and capitalist issues.

Download The Communist Manifesto PDF

Download The Communist Manifesto PDF Free

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