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If you’re searching for an excellent book on the subject of crime, there is no better choice than this one. The work in question is regarded as one of the best on the subject of horror and crime. Red Dragon is more of a case study and narrative.

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This book is part of a series. The series is titled “Hannibal Lecter.” And if you’re familiar with the one and only Hannibal Lecter, you’re going to adore this novel. If you are not familiar with this character, it is strongly recommended that you read the novels based on him. The novel is primarily about a serial killer known as “The Tooth Fairy.”

The individual discussed in the book is more than likely a psychopath. And he is assassinating families. Not just one or two, but their entire families. The story begins with an FBI profiler.

Author Thomas Harris

Thomas Harris is the author of “Red Dragon.” Which is also regarded as one of the best authors of horror novels. He is a writer from the United States. Among all of his works, it is his suspense novels and books that have contributed to the writer’s popularity. There are also several excellent films based on his writings.

Red Dragon Features

  1. The primary series is “Hannibal Lecter.” And this is a volume in the series.
  2. This is a book that falls into the genres of crime, horror, thriller, and psychological horror.
  3. This book is published by G. P. Putnams and Dell Publishing.
  4. The book was published in October 1981.
  5. This book contains 480 pages.
  6. English is the book’s native language.
  7. The book was originally published in the United States.

Download Red Dragon PDF

Download Red Dragon PDF Free

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