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The words we utter have an effect on our lives, and our lives will be more enjoyable if we utilize those words positively. We should be aware of what we are saying and the worth of the words we use. We use words as weapons, and before we use them, we should understand their potency, both in a bad and a positive sense.

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We need to maintain our composure; those who are fearful will remain silent and will miss opportunities. This book examines Bible passages that refer to ideas and states of awareness. After all, the primary focus is on spoken words on which our lives will unfold in the direction we desire, based on our reactions to adjacent creatures. These remarks occasionally have an effect on our own lives in addition to that of others. We can become anyone we desire, but how we think and speak is critical in this circumstance. To fully comprehend, read the following book so that the next time you talk, you can consider the words you wish to use.

The words we speak have the potential to alter the course of people’s lives.
As a result, these terms should be used to promote good transformation.
Words have power, and that power is what causes the transformation in a person’s life.
Thus, rather than squandering our powerful words, we should channel them toward beneficial change. It is entirely up to us how we will exercise this authority.

Author Florence Scovel Shinn

Florence Scovel Shinn is a very well-known author not only due to this book only but for some other books as well. In this book the author focuses on this point in several ways, stating that in order to maximize chances, we must utilize words positively and fearlessly.

Power of the Spoken Word Features

  1. The book offers 90 pages to the readers.
  2. 1945 is the original publication year of the book.

Download Power of the Spoken Word PDF

Download Power of the Spoken Word PDF Free

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