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Pandora was born Lydia in 15 BC to a Senatorial family in the Roman Republic. She is tall and has wavy brown hair and gold-brown eyes. Pandora, like many Patrician Roman girls of her era, was educated to read and write and is well versed in epic poems, particularly those of Ovid. She first meets Marius when he is twenty-five years old and she is ten years old. Marius proposes to Lydia, but her father declines. Lydia encounters Marius at a festival five years later and begs her father to allow her to marry him. Again, her father declines.

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Pandora’s father is a Senator with a high position. However, when a new emperor ascends to power, her family is betrayed and murdered by her own brother. Only Pandora and her disloyal brother survive the massacre, and she is transported to Antioch by a man who was close to her father. There, twenty years after their last encounter, Jane runs across Marius. Marius, unbeknownst to her, has evolved into a vampire.

She finally discovers Marius’ true nature, as well as the fact that he guards and conceals the Queen and King of all Vampires. Akabar, another vampire, wishes to steal the Queen’s potent and ancient blood. Marius and Pandora attempt to deter him from executing his plan. Akabar leverages Marius’s love for Pandora against him and drains Pandora to the point of death in order to obtain access to the Queen. Marius is compelled to transform Pandora into a vampire and to let Akabar to see the Queen, who eventually destroys Akabar.

Author Anne Rice

Rice was born in New Orleans and spent the majority of her childhood there before migrating to Texas and then to San Francisco. She was raised in a devout Catholic home but converted to agnosticism as a teenager. She began her professional writing career in 1976, while residing in California, with the publication of Interview with the Vampire, and began penning sequels to the novel in the 1980s. Rice wrote the novels Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt and Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana in the mid-2000s, following a reported conversion to Catholicism. The novels are fictitious depictions of important events in Jesus’ life. Several years later, she severed ties with institutional Christianity, citing disagreements with the Church’s social policies but vowing that faith in God remained “essential to her existence.” She currently identifies as a secular humanism.

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Download Pandora PDF

Download Pandora PDF Free

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