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Life has never been easy on the living ones. A person has to face several challenges in his life. Some people can come out from the hardships, but some remain in the trauma. The event leaves its color on their soul and wounds their soul, which cannot heal. That is the reality of life. The writers have explained such accidental events that have changed the lives of people in their fictional stories. Do you have an interest in reading the stories on such topics? If yes, then we recommend you download Northern Light s PDF written by female writer Nora Roberts. You will surely enjoy reading the book.

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The author of this book Nora Roberts has magnificently explained the bitter truth of life. She has used the mirror of truth to represent the true face of life by mentioning a fictional character who is a police officer. The police officer is the protagonist’s protagonist who has lost his partner in stopping criminal activity. Now he considers that he is the culprit and responsible for his partner’s death. This thought and guilt don’t let him sleep for the whole night. He loses his peace. The death of his friend has imparted the color of sadness on his soul.

Later on, he becomes the chief police officer of Alaska. With time, he gets involved with the pilot and has an affair with her. But deep down, he suspects the killer who is walking in the snowy area of Alaska. And now he is looking for him. Will he succeed in finding the actual killer? To know the conclusion, you have to download and read the story by yourself. We are not giving you any more spoilers. But we assure you that you will enjoy reading the book.

Author Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is an American Novelist who is famous for her Romantic Novels. She has written more than 25 romantic novels. Most of her books have received the best-selling book award.

Northern Lights Features

  1. The book has 637 readable pages and a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.
  2. The pdf version of the book has easy to read font size.

Download Northern Lights PDF

Download Northern Lights PDF Free

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