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With time, we have seen that a new trend has caught every woman’s attention in society. Every woman who is brilliant and shining wants to do something for herself. Her self-independency has become her priority now. And most feminist writers have highlighted this point for the freedom of women. Do you have an interest in reading the books on feminism and women rights? Well! It’s a purely feminine book, but if you are interested, we would recommend you download Metro Girl PDF from the website written by Janet Evanovich. You will surely enjoy reading the book.

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The author of this book Janet Evanovich initiates the story by mentioning the protagonist’s protagonist character, who is a girl and is exceptionally talented and extra-ordinary in his skills. She is mentally sharp and emotionally strong. Alexandra Barnaby has received these skills from his family in inheritance. Her brother Bill also has the owner of such a sound mind. The twist in the story comes when the younger brother bill disappears.

Now Alexandra must find him out. Her family send him to Florida to find him. The weather is hot and humid, which not good for the female skin nor hair. But Alexandra has to tolerate all the challenges with bravery and patience.
The conditions worsen when the boat of Sam hooker disappears, and he thinks that Barnaby is behind this action. There is much more drama in the story that we are not going to reveal. You have to find it out by yourself. Download the book and enjoy reading it in your leisure time.

Author Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich is an American writer who is famous for her romantic novels. She has primarily used her pen to write books on females. Around 200 million books of her are sold globally.

Metro Girl Features

  1. The book has a high rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.
  2. There are 374 black and white pages of the book.
  3. Metro Girl got published for the first time on 2nd November 2004.

Download Metro Girl PDF

Download Metro Girl PDF Free

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