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Charlotte Bronte’s work Jane Eyre was published in 1847. It was first published under the pen name Currer Bell on 16 October 1847. The novel’s American edition was published in 1848.

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The work is told in the first person by Jane Eyre. It is divided into five sections that detail Jane’s life. Her upbringing in Gateshead Hall, when she was abused by her aunt and cousins. Her schooling at Lowood School, where she encounters oppression but also makes friends and develops role models. She accepts a position as governess at Thornfield Hall and falls in love with Mr. Edward Rochester. Her time with the Rivers family, during which her cousin proposes to her. Finally, her marriage to Rochester. The novel is comprised of 38 chapters.

Jane Eyre is a bildungsroman work that chronicles the eponymous heroine’s maturation to adulthood, as well as her emotions and experiences. Additionally, it demonstrates Jane Eyre’s growing affection for Mr. Rochester, the Byronic master of Thornfield Hall, a fictitious place in the novel. Jane Eyre is a seminal work of fiction. While Charlotte Bronte is widely regarded as the literary forerunner of James Joyce and Marcel Proust.

Author Charlotte Brontë

Charlotte Bronte was a novelist and poet from England. Her early works, including her most famous work Jane Eyre, were published under the pen name Currer Bell.

Jane Eyre Features

  1. It is believed to have changed the art of fiction.
  2. One of English literature’s greatest classics.
  3. It is a bildungsroman novel that chronicles Jane Eyre’s development.

Download Jane Eyre PDF

Download Jane Eyre PDF Free

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