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Eleven Minutes is the story of a Brazilian prostitute named ‘Maria’ who loses her first love. She believes that love is nothing more than a heinous fact that can only result in anguish and ache. Maria soon loses interest in meaningful relationships after she sees that dealing with guys is no longer intimidating. This causes her to begin flirting with and managing numerous men without allowing them to take advantage of her. Then she meets Rio Dejinero, and the plot takes a turn. Maria travels to Europe in search of job as an exotic dancer but becomes a prostitute.

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Eleven Minutes’ story has captivated readers who appear to be curious about what occurs next in her life. Although the work has a conventional happy conclusion, the author’s treatment elevates it significantly.

Paulo Coelho Eleven Minutes is a fictional work that discloses a previously unknown fact: a prostitute is deserving of being the protagonist of a fairytale. The author has described the story of a Brazilian prostitute who is motivated by the disappointments of a longing for a lost love brilliantly. At the conclusion of this review, you may obtain a free copy of Eleven Minutes Pdf from our website.

Author Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho is a poet and author from Brazil. He is well known for his literary work in Eleven Minutes, which is a must-see experience.

Eleven Minutes Features

  1. Since its publication, the novel has been translated into a number of foreign languages.
  2. It is one of the all-time best-selling fiction novels.
  3. Margaret Jull Costa translated Eleven Minutes into English in 2005.
  4. Eleven Minutes was initially published in Portuguese as Onze Minutos in 2003.

Download Eleven Minutes PDF

Download Eleven Minutes PDF Free

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