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Computer Networks and Internets, written by Douglas E. Comer, stands out for its comprehensive coverage, well-organized logics, clear explanations in simple and easy-to-understand language, and emphasis on the Internet and its applications.

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In terms of technology, computer networks and the Internet have undergone dramatic developments in a relatively short period of time. Previously, Internet access was restricted to elite enterprises and large organizations, but it is now widely used in every home. Similarly, networking was once regarded to be solely for the use of information technology specialists; however, with recent advancements in computer interface design, even individual users can now have similar features set up in their homes.

Computer Networks and Internets, based on the aforementioned notion, provides essential knowledge about computer networking, its concepts, principles, and anything else related to network management and the Internet. Comer also shed light on the web applications and features of the Internet, which continue to thrive with each passing day.

Author Douglas Comer

Dr. Douglas Comer is one of the world’s foremost technology writers. He is renowned for offering a comprehensive and self-contained sequence of computer, network, and internet concepts and principles. Computer Networks and Internets, Internetworking with TCP/IP Volume One, and Essentials of Computer Architecture are among his significant books.

Computer Networks and Internets Features

  1. Both students and networking experts have lauded the book.
  2. The book is suitable for all courses on computer networking and the Internet.

Download Computer Networks and Internets PDF

Download Computer Networks and Internets PDF Free

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