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Commodities for Dummies by Amine Bouchentouf is a primer on commodities markets, commodities investing, and the future of commodities. The book covers all of the aspects that any investor must understand in order to succeed in the market. Additionally, the author discusses several indicators and indexes and explains why investors should consider following their investments.

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Commodities for Dummies is an average read in which the author establishes a standard for defining tradable and deliverable commodities. Additionally, it covers how commodities might be valued and which organizations process them. Amine discusses how emerging commodity markets are likely to behave in the future and how commodity investments can be made secondary to stock markets.

Additionally, the book covers key contextual considerations and provides a brief explanation of why commodity demand and returns are highly likely to increase over time. Commodities for Dummies also includes lessons on how to use leverage effectively while trading stocks, as well as the various regulatory requirements for classifying a range of commodities.

Author Amine Bouchentouf

Amine Bouchentouf is a financial counsellor by trade. He is passionate about imparting knowledge about the commodity markets, which have been booming for the last decade. Amine is well-known for his various books on the subject, in which he provides thorough information on the fundamental rules governing commodities and their markets.

Commodities For Dummies Features

  1. Willey Publishing, Inc. published the book in June 2011.
  2. Commodities for Dummies includes time-tested rules that will assist investors in achieving success and mitigating associated risks.
  3. It contains multiple chapters that are repetitive, which frustrates individuals who wish to learn more about the subject.
  4. Commodities for Dummies is more of a how-to manual for investors.

Download Commodities For Dummies PDF

Download Commodities For Dummies PDF Free

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