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The person who lives a life of 9-5 and has nothing else except work doesn’t have the concept of adventure, thrill and suspense in life. The rising of emotional content due to hormonal secretion and the changing of physical features like pupil dilation, increased heartbeat, and goosebumps are of unique significance. We hope that you are not an office person and want some action and thrill in your life! Do you have an interest in mystery based thrilling novels? If yes, we recommend you download Chosen Prey PDF from the website written by John Sandford. You will enjoy reading the book in your leisure time.

Chosen Prey


Chosen Prey is the 12th part of Lucas Davenport. If you haven’t read the previous 11 details, then you need to read those parts first.
The author John Sandford initiates the story by mentioning the antagonist character, a professor of historical arts and a writer. He has a unique hobby that he captures the women he sees without letting her know. After this, he draws sexual portraits by using those images. One day, while doing the same, he finds a girl. But something strange happens, which compels him to kill the girl.

When he murders the girl, Lucas Davenport starts investigating the matter as the deputy chief. He inquires about the issue and has a strict investigation with the suspects to find the actual culprit. But what happens next is a secret. Either he solves the mystery, or the girl does not find justice. You have to see it by yourself by reading the book.

Author John Sandford

The actual name of John Sandford is John Camp Roswell. He is a former journalist in America and now writing stories. He has received a Pulitzer Prize.

Chosen Prey Features

  1. The book has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.
  2. There are 383 readable pages of the book.
  3. The pdf version of the book has easy to read font size.
  4. Chosen Prey got published for the first time in 2001.

Download Chosen Prey PDF

Download Chosen Prey PDF Free

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